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The focus of Emerge Las Vegas is resilience in a world with too much hatred, prejudice and ignorance. Our primary showcases will feature musicians + speakers grouped into four core themes.

We will celebrate the most meaningful moments throughout history while exploring the future of protest movements.


The most compelling protests today are fueled by young citizens who transformed their passion into grassroots action at a scale impacting the establishment. “PROTEST” represents perspectives/performances from BLM, Women’s March, MFOL and beyond to move your soul and ignite your action.

Live your truth. Let’s talk about coming to terms with who you are and loving yourself inside and out.


SELF” pillar will give attendees the wisdom to weather tragedy, the courage to make bold decisions and the inspiration to accept yourselves and others.

It’s universal. Meet a series of artists and speakers who’ve grappled with fear and bravery in the face of violence.


Everyday we see civility break down, unprecedented violence, our climate pillaged and unrelenting attacks on those who are different. Performances/perspectives in “BRAVE” will demonstrate how facing scary topics head on thickens our skin and yields courage to stand against those that divide us with fear.

At this NSFW panel, it’s all on the table: sex positivity, consent, sexual health, kink and dating in a digital world.


Everybody loves sex … when it is healthy, consensual and affirming. In other cases, it can be the backdrop for some of the most challenging moments in our lives. Tackling this fundamental juxtaposition, “SEX” will explore sex positivity, LGTBQ’s cultural influence and gender identity, concluding with a tone that is proud, sassy, unapologetic and absolutely fabulous.


All ticket holders are encouraged to immerse more deeply during Emerge, participating in additional experiences wrapped around and within our primary showcases.


The official kickoff party for Emerge, “Hope by Human” is a celebration of the raw, uninhibited beauty that lives within our collective humanity. A cocktail and food event for “our generation,” led by diverse and inspiring musicians and storytellers.


The official kickoff party for Emerge — a celebration of the raw, uninhibited beauty that lives within our collective human voices, featuring grand cocktail tastings and a musical showcase.

Studio Sessions

Two-hour mini-showcases diving into a particular subculture, genre, theme or artistic perspective. These intimate sessions will be the place to experience the very best new music and forms of artistic expression.

Studio Sessions

Intimate two-hour sessions where you can experience the very best in new music and emerging forms of artistic expression.

Crafted Collisons

Collision spaces crafted specifically for you to meet, socialize and co-create with new people of diverse and interesting backgrounds.

Lounges & Parties

Co-creation opportunities, stimulating after parties, wellness facilities, dance parties and fitness sessions facilitate immersion between the main sessions.

Industry Panels

A series of industry conversations and panels featuring leading executives in music, social impact and creative development.

Industry Panels

Conversations featuring a wide range of industry leaders discussing innovation, behind-the-scenes perspectives and tactics for you to make a positive impact on the future.

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