Bravery is more universal than you think. Meet a series of artists and speakers who’ve grappled with bravery in the face of fear.

Bravery is more universal than you think. We’ve all felt it, the moment when fear turns a corner and becomes something greater. Meet a series of speakers who faced violence, harassment, ignorance and intimidation, yet found courage in those scary moments.

Part of overcoming your odds and flourishing into areas of strength is confronting fears — we not only carry individually, but also share with others in our community — with bravery. In this festival, we will dive into the moments that have forced us to be brave, and celebrate those who have overcome their own traumas.


We will celebrate the most meaningful moments throughout history while exploring what the future of protest movements.

Live your truth. Let’s talk about coming to terms with who you are and loving yourself inside and out.

At this NSFW panel, it’s all on the table: sex positivity, consent, sexual health, kink and dating in a digital world.

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